About AccessRN

AccessRN was founded in 1998 by Joseph Pettee, RN,BSN,CRNI, VA-BC, with a vision to provide the highest quality vascular access services, at the bedside, in a cost efficient manner, with the best patient outcomes.

Our Nurses Are Vascular Access Specialists

When you call AccessRN, you can be confident your patients will be cared for by the industry’s best. Our selection process is stringent and we do not utilize independent contractors or temporary staff. All nurses are extensively screened including clinical competency, skill evaluations, thoroughly vetted referrals, federal background checks and drug screens. All are required to complete continuing education and recertification. As employees, all our nurses are covered by professional liability and workers’ compensation insurance. That limits liability exposure for you and your facility.

Our nurses are highly skilled professionals for whom we have great respect and admiration. We’re sure you will, too.

Our Tools

We use the highest quality medical equipment and and supplies. This includes the innovative 3CG PICC tip location confirmation technology. Utilizing the patient’s own EKG to confirm tip location, 3CG technology eliminates the need for x-ray confirmation. This eliminates radiation exposure, reduces cost, and immediately releases the line for therapy.

Our state of the art dispatch center is operated by trained specialists who are ready to take your call 24/7/365. They communicate updates and manage the flow of information. Our proprietary software is an advanced electronic data collection and outcome tracking system.

Our internal QA system provides us with real-time feedback, and gives us the ability to provide you with quality reports whenever you need them.

We watch industry trends and changes in regulations looking for opportunities to support our customers and patients. In October of 2019, we implemented the PDPM alert system to provide our SNF customers a heads up that a procedure was completed that could affect reimbursement. In the Spring of 2020, we will be launching a new product for therapy ordered from 3 to 29 days. This extended dwell catheter is less invasive AND less expensive.

AccessRN is an industry leader. We provide the highest quality vascular access services seamlessly across the entire continuum of care. From PICC lines to peripheral IVs, our team of vascular access specialists will provide your organization with the clinical services you need, when you need them.