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AccessRN nurses all have had previous vascular access experience. Review our map as to the areas where we provide vascular access services.

AccessRN follows INS, AVA , and CDC standards of practice.

AccessRN offers a variety of options of employment depending on service area - full time, part time, per diem.

AccessRN nurses provide the latest technology in vascular access in a variety of healthcare settings (hospitals, acute care, long term care, and home).

If you are interested in joining our team of nurses please email your resume to our Human Resources Department at or Download the Job Application.

AccessRN hires only employees. We do not engage Independent Contractor for many reasons that can affect the safety of our patients.

Other companies often hire Independent Contractors (ICs). However, many times their workers do not meet the requirements for being an IC, leaving the worker and company in a sticky situation with the IRS.

By hiring employees and not Independent Contractors, we sometimes come across potential employees that have asked why AccessRN sometimes pays $10 - $25 less than other companies for procedures. The answer is easy, but the explanation is what you really need to understand. Basically, employers pay for taxes and insurances that an Independent Contractor would be required to pay. In the end, being an employee is a lot less hassle, with a lot less liability, a lot more security and the Total Compensation package is richer.

Below are some reasons why AccessRN prefers to hire an employee rather than an Independent Contractor:

Independent Contractors Receive:

no employer-provided benefits.

no unemployment insurance benefits.

no employer-provided workers' compensation.

no labor law protections.

Recently, Governors from several States formed task forces to investigate companies that hire Independent Contractors to ensure that they meet all of the requirements for being an IC. Not only are workers not protected by benefits or insurance, the States and the Federal Government are not receiving the taxes that are due and this practice creates an unfair advantage to business owners and diminishes quality care to clients. This is essential in healthcare, because employees performances can be reviewed and monitored but ICs cannot.

Differences Between an Employee and an Independent Contractor

  1. An independent contractor is hired to provide goods or services and is not instructed about how to provide the goods or services.
  2. An independent contractor's services can usually stand alone and are not integrated into business operations or the main function of the business.
  3. An independent contractor normally is free to perform services in any manner that produces desired results.
  4. An independent contractor customarily invoices for the job, travel, supplies and equipment and can be required to give an estimate prior to the job.
  5. An independent contractor provides the supplies & equipment.
  6. An independent contractor is in a position to realize a profit or suffer a loss as a result of services provided.

Job Postings

We're always looking for wonderful nurses!

Please check our recruiting web site for opportunities or send your resume to our Human Resources Department at

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