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AccessRN, Inc. professionals are ready to serve your patients. We bring our professionalism, knowledge, and experience to meet your vascular access needs and challenges. The healthcare industry requires up to date information and top notch specialists in the field. The professionals at AccessRN make the difference. The quality we provide our clients and patients is outstanding. We are available to serve you when you need us most.

We offer:

  • PICC, Midline, and Peripheral IV insertions
  • Modified Seldinger Technique with Ultrasound guidance and maximal sterile barrier precautions used for all PICC and midline insertions
  • EKG based PICC line tip confirmation system utilized, in turn eliminating the traditional x-ray confirmation. Immediate release of the line for infusion, and elimination of unnecessary x-ray radiation exposure.
  • Customized Quality Assurance reporting system
  • CEU educational offerings, both online and on-site
  • Servicing all healthcare setting, hospitals, LTAC’s, Long term care facilities, physician office’s and home care
  • Professional 24 hour Dispatch Call Center
  • Availability to a Vascular Access Specialist to answer your vascular access questions

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