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AccessRN, Inc. provided a PICC line placement for a patient who was recovering post-op at our ambulatory surgery center, saving us from a hospital admission day. Speedy and professional service.

L.B.- Cleveland, Ohio

I would like to let you know that the AccessRN. Inc. Vascular Access Nurse Specialist that services our building is AWESOME.

She is patient, focused and always puts the residents first.

While doing that, she also provides outstanding customer service to our facility.

She is always willing to go above-and-beyond, and always with a smile.

We appreciate her so much.

Thank you so much.

Laura Theiss, Administrative DON - Maple Gardens - Eaton, Ohio

I would like to comment on your AccessRN, Inc. nurse who has been coming to our facility for the past few years.

I know that here at Kindred Hospital Dayton we use your services to have midlines and PICC lines placed and all of your AccessRN, Inc. nurse employees are wonderful, but this particular AccessRN, Inc. nurse always goes above and beyond.

She is always professional, but at the same time personable.

She is very efficient at line placement and extremely knowledgeable regarding diagnosis' of patients.

Our entire staff knows her and are always excited to see her, knowing that she is always able to get the line.

She knows that it's usually a time-sensitive matter, and always works in conjunction with our nursing staff to give great patient care.

I believe in making sure that when someone does their job well it should be recognized.

Sometimes it seems that in the medical field it's only when things go wrong that you get feedback, so I wanted to take the time to let you know that you have an exemplary employee that shows her dedication to AccessRN, Inc. every time she comes to our facility by both her positive attitude and work ethic.

She is always a wonderful addition to our day when she is here.

Amy Crawford, Physician's Assistant - Kindred Hospital - Dayton, Ohio

Thank you for your support of the AHRC Foundation's 66th Annual Rose Ball.

This year's event hosted nearly 500 guests committed to improving life and learning opportunities for children and adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities.

It was an incredible evening!

Jenn Apelion- Special Events Manager with the Association for the Help of Retarded Children Foundation - Brookville, New York


I am a nursing student with Tri Rivers Center for Adult Education, and my classmates and I were in a facility doing a weekly rotation.

One of your AccessRN. Inc. nurse employees came into the facility to insert a PICC line.

After receiving permission from the patient, the AccessRN. Inc. nurse allowed us to watch the procedure.

Not only did the AccessRN. Inc. nurse do a great job interacting with the patient, he was EXCELLENT in explaining the procedure to us.

We greatly appreciate real life "teaching" moments, and want to thank the AccessRN. Inc. nurse again for his time.

This field needs more nurses like him, and it was an absolute pleasure meeting him!

Alicia S., Student- Tri-Rivers Career Center and Center for Adult Education - Marion, Ohio

I was a patient at ManorCare Health Services - Elk Grove Village and was informed by my Doctor that the best way for administering the antibiotics I needed was by way of a Midline IV.

The Doctor said not to worry - things would go fine, and that was it. In the meantime, while waiting for the nurse to arrive, I was becoming more and more anxious about the procedure. I'm certain that by the time the AccessRN. Inc. nurse entered my room, my blood pressure was extremely high.

The AccessRN. Inc. nurse had been assigned to insert the Midline in my arm and to say she did a good job would be an understatement. She was absolutely wonderful!! I found her to be very caring and highly knowledgeable in her work. She explained the procedure, answered all of my questions, and helped calm me down. She inserted the Midline without any problems and without any pain or fear on my part.

She is extremely professional. AccessRN. Inc. is extremely fortunate to have such a dedicated and skilled nurse working for them. Thank you for sending her to take care of me.

Good job, AccessRN. Inc..

Karen S., Patient - ManorCare Health Services - Elk Grove Village, Illinois

We were fortunate to have our Advanced IV class taught by an AccessRN, Inc. nurse.

It was a large class, and everyone was pleased with the objectives.

Thank you for the high level of professionalism!

MaryBeth Hillard, RN-BC, CSA, CMC - Nevins Family of Services - Methuen, Massachusetts

I had the Advanced IV Therapy Skills class taught by AccessRN, Inc. at The Nevins Nursing and Rehabilitation Centre in Methuen, MA.

It was a very informative class, and I learned a lot.

Marie Turnier, RN - Watertown Health Center - Watertown, Massachusetts

Your AccessRN, Inc. nurse was super accommodating on our unit when we needed three IV starts back to back!

Thank you!!

Laura Bruck-Hillas, MBA, BSN, RN-BC Clinical Nurse Coordinator - Florida Hospital Carrollwood - Tampa, Florida

My name is Willine Mae Chavez, RN, 3-11 shift supervisor at Saint Joachim and Anne Nursing and Rehab.

I just want to let you know what a pleasurable experience I had with one of your AccessRN, Inc. nurses.

His knowledge helped us navigate our challenging patient needs.

Although I must admit it was frustrating with the timeliness, it was worth the wait.

I'm looking forward to working with him again.

Please send him back whenever possible.

Willine Mae Chavez, RN- Saint Joachim and Anne Nursing and Rehab - Brooklyn, New York

The AccessRN, Inc. vascular access nurse was very professional.

She was also knowledgeable, and patient with the resident.

We appreciate her timeliness.

Brandi Molden, RN BSN - Countryside Healthcare Center, Inc. - Dolton, Illinois

The AccessRN, Inc. vascular access nurse had a nice personality and she talked me through the whole process.

I didn't experience any pain during the procedure.

Patient - Countryside Healthcare Center, Inc. - Dolton, Illinois

We are proud to say we have used AccessRN, Inc. services quite regularly over the last 9 years within the facility.

Every nurse visiting the facility is pleasant and eager to assist with our resident needs.

Heather, RN visits quite often and asks if additional services are needed while in our facility.

It is always a pleasure to see her smiling face.

AccessRN, Inc. provides excellent care.

I would recommend them above all others.

Heather S., LPN Unit Manager - Heartland Health Cancer Rehabilitation Center - Canton, Michigan

My name is Sonia. I was a patient at the Cancer Treatment Center in Zion (IL).

The AccessRN, Inc. nurse that was sent over to insert my PICC line was amazing.

I was anxious about the procedure, she explained everything, and was patient with me.

I am a nurse and I know quality nursing care when I see it.

She was fabulous.

Thank you for sending her over and taking care of me.

Sonia, patient - Cancer Treatment Centers of America at Midwestern Regional Medical Center | Zion, Illinois

Thank you very much AccessRN, Inc. for providing the EKG PICC Placement service.

Your Nurse who performed the procedure was very professional and educational.

We appreciate having access to such a vital service!

Crystal P, RN, BSN, CCM - Livingston Hospital & Healthcare Services, Inc. - Salem, Kentucky

We needed to place a PICC line "stat" in pre-op for surgery.

The patient was so satisfied.

AccessRN, Inc. had to postpone another PICC line to place this one.

Thank you to both AccessRN, Inc.'s nurse and Central Dispatch Operation for being so accommodating.

Renee H, RN - The Toledo Hospital | Toledo, Ohio

We recently partnered with AccessRN, Inc. to improve the care and safety of patients in a long term acute care setting.

The AccessRN, Inc. team provides exemplary service with emphasis on patient education and infection prevention.

Both our medical and nursing team are pleased with the competency and professionalism of the staff.

Quality Management Director - New England

The AccessRN, Inc. nurse who instructed the PICC line removal, maintenance and dressing changes inservice presentation was excellent.

She was very personable, and provided additional supplemental information.

It is obvious that she loves what she does and knows the subject matter well.

Monica M., RN - Three Rivers Health | Three Rivers, Michigan

My compliments to AccessRN, Inc. and the professional nurses that covered our facility during a period of staffing deficits at the height of our season. The RNs provided superb care to our patients requiring vascular access.

John K. - West Central Florida

We have not used anyone else since we started using AccessRN, Inc. for our PICC line placements.

Every nurse that has been to our facility has been extremely professional and such a pleasure to work with.

We feel fortunate to have found AccessRN, Inc. as a company to work with that we really trust.

Lynette P. - Forest Health Medical Center | Ypsilanti, Michigan
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