Who We Serve

From hospitals and long term care facilities, to nursing and retirement centers, AccessRN has provided a high degree of vascular service in a wide range of clinical environments. No matter what your patient load or clinical needs are, AccessRN can help.

Rehab Hospitals
Long-Term Nursing Care

Acute Care
Long-Term Care Hospitals
Critical Access Hospitals

Hospice Care
At Home Healthcare

We provide a single point of contact for all of your PICC line and IV needs, providing around the clock support and dispatch. Our team of expert vascular access nurses are all fully trained and certified, and operate as employees of AccessRN, with additional insurance coverage and liability insurance on each individual.

Best of all, our advanced technology allows us to insert and confirm PICC line insertion right at the bedside, cutting down on down time and speeding up the treatment process. No more waiting on imagery or X ray confirmation; the first IV treatment can begin minutes after insertion.

Vascular access and related clinical services we provide include:

  • PICC, Midline, and Peripheral IV insertions
  • Modified Seldinger Technique with Ultrasound guidance and maximal sterile barrier precautions used for all PICC and midline insertions
  • EKG-based PICC line tip confirmation system utilized, eliminating the traditional x-ray confirmation.
  • CEU educational offerings, both online and on-site
  • Servicing all healthcare settings, hospitals, LTAC’s, Long term care facilities, physician office’s and home care
  • Professional 24-hour Dispatch Call Center
  • Availability to a Vascular Access Specialist to answer your vascular access questions

Contact AccessRN today to find out if we can service your facility, and how we might help you improve the quality and speed of your care, while cutting down significantly on your vascular access costs.